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What is DMT? Experience, Side Effects

DMT, short for N, N-Dimethyltryptamine, is a powerful psychedelic compound found in many plants and animals, including humans. DMT is classified as a Schedule I drug in the United States, which means it is considered to have a high potential for abuse and no accepted medical use.

DMT is typically consumed through smoking or vaporizing, and its effects can be intense and short-lived, typically lasting 15-30 minutes. Users often report experiencing profound mystical and spiritual experiences, such as encountering beings or entities, experiencing a sense of oneness with the universe, or experiencing a “breakthrough” into another dimension or reality.

DMT has been studied for its potential therapeutic uses, particularly in the treatment of depression, anxiety, and addiction. However, much more research is needed before it can be considered a safe and effective treatment for these conditions. It is important to note that using DMT can also be associated with risks, such as potential adverse effects on mental health and the risk of harm during the experience itself.

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